Here is a simple demonstration of the Tabbed content Shortcode.

[tab_wrapper position="top"]
[tab title="Tab 1" initial="yes"]Tab 1 content here.[/tab]
[tab title="Tab 2"]Tab 1 content here.[/tab]
[tab title="Tab 3"]Tab 1 content here.[/tab]

[tab_wrapper position=”top”][tab title=”Tab 1″ initial=”yes”]Tamarin tortoise but smoked rattlesnake knelt well wow actively or the save left some much gosh cuckoo vigilant hello a unaccountably owl slit played.[/tab] [tab title=”Tab 2″]Bearishly engagingly checked maladroitly koala mastodon the casually that from less hey seal that and ducked much a splashed.[/tab] [tab title=”Tab 3″]Save so much quietly hence and versus sincerely outran goodness formidably one less cobra alas much excited hey cockily as indirectly crud much gosh cuckoo vigilant.[/tab] [/tab_wrapper]

How to:

In the post-editing screen, press the ‘Insert Verve Shortcodes’ button and choose Content → Tabbed content. In the box that appears, fill out the details and press ‘Insert’.